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Health & Safety – London College of Legal Studies

Health & Safety

Health Policy

  • First Aid Kit– Sufficient number of Kits are available along with a few trained personnel who can cater to needs immediately.
  • Duty Doctor– A duty doctor is available within close proximity to attend any medical condition when required.
  • Links with Comfort Hospital– LCLS (SOUTH) has an arrangement with Comfort Hospital (Green Road, Dhaka) from initial consultation to full treatment facility for the students and staffs as and when needed.
  • Filtered water– Adequate amount of water filters are available throughout the premises for the consumption of staff and students which is free of any charges.
  • Monitoring of food served at the cafeteria– Professional caterers are hired to run the cafeteria who maintains the hygiene of the food supplied and LCLS (SOUTH) authority also monitors the quality of the food regularly.
  • Professional cleaning company– LCLS (SOUTH) has hired Radiant Group- a professional cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene throughout the campus.
  • No smoking zone- LCLS (SOUTH) is a non-smoking area which the authority maintains very strictly.

Safety Policy

  • CCTV coverage- The whole campus is surrounded by 32 separate cameras and monitored closely in 4 different stations.
  • 24 hour security guards- A professional company named M Securities is engaged for this work which extends up to covering the front lane before the actual entrance gate to LCLS (SOUTH). The company provides 24 hour security employing sufficient number of guards who work in shifts.
  • Fire assembly point– The students and staff can gather at the fire assembly point (located at the front of the campus) through the staircase of LCLS (SOUTH) premises very quickly and easily.
  • Fire drills- LCLS (SOUTH) conducts a full-fledged fire drill twice a year.
  • Fire Extinguisher– Sufficient numbers of fire extinguishers are available throughout the campus to tackle any kind of emergency.
  • Wet Floor signs, Warning signs, Exit signs– LCLS (SOUTH) is always very cautious about maintaining these signs when required due to which it has been able to avoid any kind of untoward incident over the years.