Debra Hinds

A Message from Debra Hinds

Programme Head of Law Partner Centres at BPP Law School

As the University for the Professions, BPP’s extremely close connections to the legal profession and excellence in teaching have led to the creation of a unique LLB (Hons) degree. Designed to be both academically rigorous and develop the skills employers are looking for in law graduates, students are taught by the BPP faculty, who also set the assessments, and LCLS(S) faculty face to face in an average of 20 contact hours per week. BPP faculty regularly attend LCLS(S) in Dhaka and are fully engaged with students when there. Materials and BPP classes are accessible through our innovative Virtual Learning Environment, which provides everything you need to succeed in your studies.

Since the BPP LLB (Hons) has been run in partnership with LCLS(S) it has seen considerable success, with students in Dhaka achieving first class marks in every exam period to date. Students have also achieved the highest marks world-wide in modules they have studied. Scholarships have been awarded to outstanding students to reward their success.

I hope that you would like to be part of this exciting programme and look forward to seeing you in class and face to face in Dhaka!