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ICLJ VOLUME 3 ISSUE 1 – London College of Legal Studies


Editor’s Note:
The International and Comparative Law Journal (ICLJ) is a publication run by London College of Legal Studies (South), a prominent English Law institution in Bangladesh. The ICLJ was established in 2014 with the idea to create a platform for academic and intellectual discussion regarding contemporary international law/legal and socio-legal issues. Our goal is to increase participation of academics and students alike to enhance knowledge, disseminate information and develop legal scholarship in Bangladesh.
The current edition strives to shape discussion on Investment Laws of Myanmar, authored by Shawn. S.Novel; The role of the nations and institutions in the development of International Arbitration authored by Riyadul Haque Khan Akash; A comparative analysis of the common law models in Louisiana Canada and England and Wales authored by Arafat Reza and Faran Md Aaraf ; Nuances in Legal Language, authored by Nafiz Imtiaz Araf; The Evolution of Bangladesh’s Court Structure, authored by Mohammad Anisul Haque Emran; UK’s role in Yemen war, authored by Farjana Ibrahim; The Objective approach in tort of negligence, authored by Noshin Tasnim Chowdhury; Violation of the rights of the RMG Workers in Bangladesh, authored by Nadia Islam; The Current Law relating to Intention and Motive in Criminal Law , authored by Md. Hasibul Alam Shamrat; and Laws relating to Assisted Suicide, authored by Anusha Islam Raha.
This issue also features short articles by “I Know, Right” (IKR) , an initiative by London College of Legal Studies(South) and Female Empowerment Movement that raises awareness to legally empower the People of Bangladesh. I Know, Right consists of a team of three lawyers and one social entrepreneur: Faran Md. Araf, MarihaZaman Khan, ZaibaTahyya and Tahsin Noor Salim
We would like to thank all the members of the Editorial Team and our Honorary Advisory Board Members for their continued support.


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