University of London International Programme
The LLM (Master of Laws) is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. The University of London International Programmes has been offering the opportunity for students worldwide to obtain the Master of Laws (LLM) through self-study, and without coming to London, since 1925. LCLS (S) is providing tuition support for this programme and the programme is tutored, mentored and supervised by a group of suitable faculty. The tuition structure is designed to provide you with specialist legal knowledge, these programmes have been developed by academics within Queen Mary and UCL Law departments, both of which have outstanding reputations

Access is a key principle – you do not need an LLB or be a lawyer to apply. Whether you are a practicing lawyer, LLB graduate or non-legal professional, if you’re keen to develop your career, our programme has an option to suit you.

Structure and syllabus
The great benefit of this programme is its flexible structure. It’s up to you whether you study the subjects of most interest to you and/or those that will be most useful to your career. There’s a wide range of courses to choose from and three awards to aim for: you decide the level you want to achieve and the areas you want to cover. And because you can study when you choose, you can plan your studying to fit in with your work and home commitments.

Each course is divided into four modules and there is a separate exam for each module. For some modules, there are set sequences to guide you through the modules (given under the syllabuses). For others, you decide the order in which you study your chosen modules.

Programme summaries

You study Study period Cost (2013) Cost (2014)
Postgraduate Certificate 5 modules (from up to 4 courses) 6 months – 5 years £3,000 £3,100
Postgraduate Diploma 10 modules (from up to 4 courses) 1-5 years £5,200 £5,375
LLM 16 modules (from 4 courses) 1-5 years £7,840 £8,105
Individual modules You can take up to four credit bearing individual modules from the Postgraduate Laws programme on a stand-alone basis. These modules can later be credited to study on the Master of Laws (LLM) degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Laws and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws. 6 months – 2 years £480 £495