Chowdhury Ishraque AhmadLLBLCLSSDhaka

LCLS (London College of Legal Studies) is a traditional law institution. The students can learn and are provided with tools, support and connections which are needed to reach their full potential. Highly qualified barristers are engaged in teaching the students. Safe, sound facilities and student enrichment activities are available here. Students have access to relevant resources including up-to-date textbooks, current technologies, sports, and debates and mooting. The Head of laws is empowered to lead and make informed decisions that promote learning.

Shamma ArpeetaLLBLCLS SLondon

London College of Legal Studies South is one of the biggest platforms to be a professional in the legal arena. It provides us with many facilities to engage in the educational and legal system of Bangladesh and other developed countries. Along with the educational support it also provides us with many cultural activities and among those sports is one of them. Starting with cricket and football we also have the opportunity to play table tennis, carom, chess, badminton etc. It also has a fabulous debate and mooting club which enshrines new talent in the debating and mooting arena across the world. Not only this, it also has a film and a photography club which holds the interest of those who loves films and photography. Above all it is an excellent institution and it is fun to be a part of London College of Legal Studies South.

Famik IslamLLBLCLS SDhaka
Khondokar Mahir Shahriar BrohiLLBLCLSSLondon

I find LCLS (S) a complete institution for complete nourishment of the students. I find everything here for proper development. Along with academics there is a lot of scope for the students to show and grow their talents and capabilities, like we have well organized sports club, debate and mooting club, music facilities, IT facilities and many others. Being a member of sports club we attend different tournaments of Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball etc, and our Debate and Mooting Club is already a prominent and renowned name in Bangladesh and now we are attending different competitions globally too. There are lots of cultural activities as well. After all what matters is academic side and LCLS (S) always one step ahead in this aspect. It’s a complete package to me at least and gave me lot more than what I expected.

S. Tanvi Hoque PriyamMBALCLSDhaka

LCLS (S) is a place of education, joy and sport. Throughout my education life I have been too many difference educational institutions but never did I find any place so educating and entertaining at the same time. There is sports, musical functions, debating and mooting, photography and all that’s needed for a student to study properly and yet not be burdened by the load. For every aspect there are individual departments. It’s organized in the most suitable manner. In short LCLS(S) is the ultimate institution to be in for studies, sports, fun and building a solid foundation for Law.

Redwan Hossain ShadBBALCLSDhaka

I have been studying in LCLS(S) for more than a year now, and every moment spent in LCLS(S) is priceless. I love everything about LCLS(S). Our faculties are very friendly and co-operative, especially Shafayat sir, I will have to mention his name. His lectures are just superb. I guess I can still recall all his lectures given in my first year of studies. Being in LCLS(S) gives me the feeling of my school days…. we have a small campus but we almost do everything here (cricket, table-tennis, badminton); we even have a football and basket ball team of LCLS(S). I wonder how many universities got such activities, all thanks to our Faculty members specially Khaled Sir (our Head of Laws) and Shahariar sir (our course coordinator) to motivate us. LCLS(S) is a great place to socialize as well. I have made plenty of friends, big brothers and sisters to help me through the course. The staffs are also very supportive and I have made a bunch of awesome friends here. I feel proud to be a student of LCLS(S) and will always remember my days spent in LCLS(S).

Samir AliMBALCLSDhaka

LCLS(S) has the great tradition to arrange fresher’s evenings every year to welcome the new comers. It organizes cupid night, prom night and valentine’s day parties, keeping the new generation students in mind. I enjoy these events a lot and feel proud to be a part of LCLS(S).

Riyadul Haque Khan AkashBBALCLSDhaka

London College of Legal Studies (South) is the best place for studying Law. They provide us with the best facilities and I am very proud 2 be a student of LCLS(S).:D

Luzana RashidMBALCLSDhaka