The CertHE in Common Law is a flexible programme aimed at those who wish to gain some knowledge and expertise in English common law. The law programmes have been developed by academics at the University of London law schools, ensuring the world-class quality of the degree. It also provides an entry route to degree study. Whether you live in a common law or a civil law jurisdiction, a knowledge of the common law is frequently useful and sometimes essential in the business world and, indeed, in many other occupations. If you wish to gain some knowledge and expertise in the common law of England and Wales, but do not wish to study for a law degree, then this programme is for you. You will develop a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition and be able to apply analytical and problem-solving skills in a range of legal and non-legal settings. We will help you to enhance key skills of communication, information literacy, analysis and discussion.

Choose courses to fit your needs & Flexible study at a reasonable cost.

The CHE consists of four subjects, a compulsory subject plus three courses which you choose from a wide range of options. The compulsory subject (‘Legal System and Methods’) helps you to understand the common law system and the principles which underlie it. It also introduces you to some basic principles of legal research. You then choose three further options that are relevant to your interests. The wide range of subjects available includes Criminal law, Public law, Intellectual property, Labour law, Contract Law, and Commercial law. You can pace your studies to fit in with your other commitments as you have between 1-5 years to complete this Diploma. Using the specially developed course materials and a wealth of online resources, including an online library and virtual learning environment (VLE), you will be able to study independently, when convenient to you. Alternatively, additional study support may be available from independent teaching institutions in certain countries. Fees are payable as you progress rather than as a single lump sum. If you were to complete the Diploma in the minimum time permitted then using current fees you would pay a total of £1,716 in fees to the University.

Programme structure
Four modules

Legal system and method (30 credits)
Contract law (30 credits)
Criminal law (30 credits)
Public law (30 credits)

LCLS (SOUTH) is the also recognized Affiliate Centre of University of London in Bangladesh and our institution will provide classes in study skills and, where necessary, additional English language support. Applications for the CertHE Common Law can only be submitted via a recognized institution.

CertHE Common Law(UOL)
CertHE Common Law(UOL)

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