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Life at LCLS – London College of Legal Studies

Life at LCLS

Debate and Mooting Club

DebateclubLCLS (S) has an ever buzzing campus, where the students besides academics, is also engaged in various extra-curricular activities that helps them develop their inter-personal skills, which is very important for the their future employability and to flourish in legal profession.

LCLS (S) Debate and Mooting Club
Passionate individuals with a knack for debating and a penchant for enhancing their vocational skills have led LCLS (S) DMC to a great height of success within a few years of its establishment only. DMC has widened it reach to an international level, as cemented by Sumaiya Anjum Kashfi and Anam Hossain breaking as the 11th breaking team into the Quarter-Finals in BIND 2011 which was held in Indonesia. LCLS(S) DMC achieved the breaking of an Adjudicator (Monjur A Morshed) in the same international tournament.

DMC have also arranged annual national debate competitions, in Debate III with over 90 institutions participating as well as round-the-clock assistance from around 100 volunteers, our tournament surpassed the expectations of our well-wishers, enhanced the concept and quality of national debating whilst leaving everyone asking for more

LCLS (S) Photography Club

For those interested in photography our club works in collaboration arranging workshops and photo walks, while participating in events and competitions. The purpose of the club is to keep alive the creativity in its members and open an environment within which its members can keep their bent of photography shining while maintaining their academics.

LCLS (S) Sports Club

SportsClubLCLS (S) Sports Club Sports club is active throughout the year arranging different competitions. It not only helps the students to be fit and competitive but it also shows the love for sports that every member in LCLS (S) carries, be that a student or faculty. Annual Sport week is arranged where the students compete for their respective favored sports, be that indoor or outdoor. While in winter the campus buzzes with the hype of badminton. There is also arrangement of regular cricket and football practice and tournaments all through the year. There are indoor arrangements as well, as table tennis, carom, chess and many.

LCLS (S) Community Club


Community Club is a non-profitable youth club run by LCLS(S) students for promoting community services and developments fueled by the young in Bangladesh. We believe that “even small things lead to greatness”. Our belief is social development; we want to spread cheers, teach people to visualise goals and make their life more purposeful

LCLS (S) Film Club


For the movie lovers, the film club regularly arranges to watch movies and documentaries in the multi media room, for occasional amusement of students, which often even turns out to be a learning experience. The film club also arranges trips to theatres to catch the latest releases, which helps to bond LCLS (S) as a family.

Annual Trips


LCLS (S) also makes annual trips to any foreign land, which helps the students to have invaluable experience on how to adjust in new environments, which supposedly will help them if they go for higher studies outside, and on top of all all together the enjoyment is boundless.