Special Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) support to final stage students of LCLS (SOUTH): With the recent changes brought in force by the Bar Standards Board of UK and the rigors applied by the bar schools in issuing offers for the bar course, it has now become ten times more competitive to avail an offer of BPTC even for a student with good results. As for LLB Final stage students, LCLS(S) would like to emphasize the importance of sound preparation again, quality counseling to ensure the required results are met by its students to apply for BPTC. LCLS(S) has reasons to boast about its success in achieving the highest number of BPTC offers for its students from some BPTC schools in recent times.

Apart from continued and all-out support for academic welfare, which is a significant feature of the institute’s educational objectives, what distinguishes LCLS(S) from others, is its unparalleled support for BPTC candidates. The highlight of the support for BPTC preparations are quality references, the opportunity of attending seminars and lectures with visiting Bar School Deans and Members of Faculty, the opportunity of having one to one personal interview sessions with the Heads of different Bar Schools and routine English Language Development Support.

LCLS (S) is the first ever institute to have organized interviews by the staff of UK BPTC providers in Bangladesh who also gave guidance about the filling in of the applications and reviews. LCLS maintains a constant link with the Bar Standards Board of UK and BPTC providers to provide instant feedback to students to take decisions in changing circumstances. Amongst the BPTC providers, LCLS (SOUTH) has representative arrangements with City Law School, Northumbria Law School, Cardiff Law School UK and much more.

After completion of one’s graduation, if the student is not going for BPTC, LCLS (SOUTH) also offers tuition support for LLM of University of London UK, Northumbria University the UK and the University of Derby UK at LCLS campus. Such qualifications can also compensate for results in the unfortunate event if one does not obtain a 2:2 which is one of the main components for entry into BPTC.

Other than offering LLM tuition support for the respected universities mentioned above LCLS (SOUTH) processes applications to do full-time LLM in a vast number of UK universities such as City University, BPP, Cardiff, London Metropolitan, University of East London, Northumbria, Bangor, Derby, South Bank, Aberystwyth and Birmingham City University UK.

Competence in the English language is another vital factor in ensuring entrance to the BPTC. In the past, on some occasions, this has turned out to be a hindrance for many students to get into Bar course despite excellent academic results. LCLS (SOUTH) thus provides compulsory English language courses for its students to meet the language requirements to get the unconditional entry to the BPTC.

External or distance learning education has become more research oriented and requires a student to excel in preparing and presenting research essays backed by sufficient evidence to show the research techniques applied. The accomplishment of such a methodical and advanced level research project requires a student to undergo a substantive training. LCLS(S) provides students with extensive research support for the skills portfolio management, educates the students with research techniques by regular training, assignments, constant monitoring and thorough supervising and grooms students with professional skills of presentation. The efficient Skills Portfolio Team has devised a program, so all London Final year students get maximum support to complete their research successfully which is now compulsory to get the QLD (Qualifying Law Degree).

When a student enters LCLS (SOUTH), one will inevitably be exposed to all these benefits and LCLS (SOUTH) unequivocally declares that no other Institute in this region will be able to provide such a complete package to ensure entry to the BPTC.