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ICLJ VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 – London College of Legal Studies


I am delighted to launch this new biannual law journal, a publication of the London College of Legal Studies (South). Our purpose is to provide a journal that offers a multi-disciplinary comparative analysis of legal issues concerning the international relations. The journal will strive to combine academic excellence with professional relevance; and though its articles, we wish to appeal to the professional, corporate, governmental, non-governmental and academic communities. The aim of ICLJ is therefore to encourage an inter-disciplinary dialogue with and between our authors; that requires intelligibility across the borders of the authors specialties.

ICLJ focuses on both International Law and Comparative Law. Here the International Law means the set of rules generally regarded and accepted as binding in relations between states and between nations, and it also serves as a framework for the practice of stable and organised international relations. Whereas, the Comparative Law denotes to an academic study of separate legal systems, each one analysed in its constitutive elements; how they differ in the different legal systems, and how their elements combine into a system. A combinational study of both of these aforementioned fields can fill the gaps between the perspective and the approach of various legal disciplines. To bring ICLJ into reality, we had immense encouragement and guidance from our beloved mentors Khaled Hamid Chowdhury Sir, Shahariar Sadat Sir and Asif Bin Anwar Sir. They indeed were the true driving force behind the process leading to ICLJ. We also had colossal dedication from a number of enthusiastic LCLS(S) students who worked really hard to put together an outstanding collection of legal articles. Likewise, we will continue to develop and fine-tune the contents of ICLJ in its future issues to enhance the quality, scope and diversity of this new publication.


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